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One may ask "What is Woman's Dance and what do you do?" Women gather and create a sacred space to pray, play, and dance. We celebrate and honor the beginning and ending of life. We celebrate and honor the rites of passage in each stage of a women's life, like: birth, transitioning from girl to woman, graduations, coming of age, marriage, motherhood, the age of wisdom and becoming a grandmother. We laugh, cry, share, and become. We heal and rejuvenate. We remember the Creator and all the creation. We hoola hoop, do yoga or watch the hoola and yoga while drinking cappuccino's. We paint faces and dress funny-if we want, or dress to express our spirit and or our soul. We pray for each other, our families and all nations. We send out a vibration in the universe of love, of acceptance, gentleness, and beauty. So for all those who may wonder "what are those crazy women doing- there you have it. All women of all ages are invited to this annual gathering in the spring and even the men can come to support in various honourable ways such as praying, cooking, building, moving out houses, fixing water and or plumbing issues, hanging up lighting, digging holes, running errands, just to name a few...we love you


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